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Front Load Non Compaction Refuse Container Specs
10 gauge container bottoms minimum 130 thousands thick.

3 full underskids running front to rear on each container, 10 gauge anti-container bottom puncture type underskid. Hat section. 

12 gauge body sheet minimum 100 thousands thick.

7 gauge pockets with 7 gauge internal gussets and 10 gauge top and bottom covers.

10 gauge bumper plates with 2" x 16" hold-away channels.

Plastic lids capable of holding a 300 lb. man standing in center of lid.

Plastic lids extending to outer rear edge of top container tube allowing water to run off on the ground not into the container when lid is opened.

Plastic doors if needed.

3/16" lid bracket. Bracket on both sides of lid and the center of lids, five brackets per container.

3/4" black pipe lid open rest. Reinforced on container to prevent lid from folding on back of container. Keeps lid closed to reduce rain water from entering container therefore decreasing landfill charges. 

All front load and rear load containers have fully welded interior body seams.

Serial numbers welded to container upon request.

All Paulsonbilt containers are scraped, ground and cleaned thoroughly. They are washed with solvent to ensure good paint and primer adhesion. The inside, outside and bottom are primed with high quality primer. The bottom, outside and top edges of containers are painted with high quality paint.

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